PolyFence pride themself on supplying the best horse fencing systems avaliable in Australia, with agents in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland we can help everyone with thier horse fence needs and we can also arrange freight to any other part of Australia. Our range of PVC fencing products are manufactured from virgin polymers, using a mix of PVC, a polymer created from 57% chlorine derived from natural Sea Salt, and harmless calcium and zinc based stabilizers.

Consequently our polymers not only outperform our competitors, they are also 100% recyclable, together with impact modifiers for added strength and durability. Australian conditions are some of the harshest in the world and with our range of PVC vinyl fencing you can be confident that your fence will remain in the condition it was erected for a lifetime.

Timber is becoming scarce and with environmentally friendly PVC fencing products the solution is at hand. Never pick up a paint brush again.
Practical and attractive, PVC vinyl fencing is the answer to your fencing requirements.

All our products are backed by a 30 year warranty

Practical, Maintenance Free, Attractive, Vinyl Horse Fences

2 rail 140mm x 38mm $22/m

2 rail 140mm x 38mm $22/m

Your PVC fence will never need to be repainted and is not affected by termites or borers. PVC does not rot or rust, it won`t corrode, peel or blister. PVC Fencing is your long term solution. PVC vinyl fencing systems are quickly increasing in popularity as timber becomes scarce and forests are increasingly protected from logging. When you consider the long tern benefits of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) you will soon discover that you have made the right choice. Choose PolyFence Pvc Fencing as your safe Horse Fencing on your property. more

Picket Fences


Polyfence & Yards range of PVC picket fencing is manufactured to the same exacting standards as all our PVC fencing products, to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Our PVC picket fences are manufactured from inert virgin polymers, using a mix of PVC polymer created from 57% chlorine derived from natural Sea Salt, and harmless calcium and zinc based stabilizers. UV stabilisers guarantee your fence will maintain its freshness for a lifetime. Consequently our polymers not only out perform our competitors they are also 100% recyclable.


Dressage Arenas


Polyfence Dressage Arenas are designed for safety and elegance that will last a lifetime. Our Dressage Arena is fully compliant with EA regulations and approved for equine dressage competition. Its lightweight construction and durability makes the perfect dressage arena.more


30yrs warranty is subject to the limitations and qualifications. Please read these limitations and qualifications carefully… more info

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