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PVC Post & Rail Horse Fencing

arena2PolyFence has been developed over the past 2 years. Development and testing of the new product has resulted in an Impact modified, Lead free, UV stabilised PVC composite. PolyFence has 2 generations of experience in the plastics industry specialising in pvc fencing. You can rest assured that you are buying the most superior quality product on the market.The standard PolyFence fencing system is configured with posts 1.5m above ground (600mm in ground) spaced 2.4m apart. The posts have three slots in them to allow the rail to slide through the slots and lock into the post with special notches on the rail. The rail is supplied in 4.8m lengths.Rail dimensions are 150mm x 50mm.

We can manufacture the fencing system to any specification from posts 600mm high with 1 rail for arenas up to thick walled posts that stand 3m high with 12 rails. Standard post dimensions are 127mm x 127mm.

For special requirements we can produce the rail in 12m lengths.

Its revolutionary new design means it is perfect for all sorts of applications, from arenas to stallion yards, parks and gardens, sporting fields and ovals our pvc fencing range is only limited by your imagination.

You will NEVER have to paint your fence again. Your PVC fence will never need to be repainted and is not affected by termites or borers. PVC does not rot or rust, it won`t corrode, peel or blister. PVC Fencing is your long term solution. PVC vinyl fencing systems are quickly increasing in popularity as timber becomes scarce and forests are increasingly protected from logging. When you consider the long tern benefits of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) you will soon discover that you have made the right choice. PVC Fencing is designed to withstand the physical pressure placed on it by horses and livestock. If hit with extreme pressure the rails are designed to collapse or break reducing the risk of injury to your precious stock. PVC fencing is not immune to breakage as you could imagine 400 kg running into your fence at speed you would rather the fence give way than stop your horse instantly!! Horses and other animals are less inclined to chew on this type of fencing because it has no taste. Our pvc fencing post and rail system is environmentally friendly and is totally recyclable. Our products are manufactured from 100% virgin vinyl throughout. With the assurance of the highest UV protection you can be confident it will not rust, peel, corrode or rot. PolyFence & Yards vinyl PVC post and rail fences are ideal for all agricultural situations or to simply enhance the entrance to your property, make a statement with an attractive, practical post and rail fence, adding value to your property. Whether it be horses, cattle, or sheep , no matter what your needs are, we can supply the product and profile of your fence to match your requirements Standard PVC post and rail fences are available in single rail post and rail, 2 rail pvc fence, 3 rail pvc fenceand 4 rail pvc fence. We can also custom make your fence to adapt as many rails as you need. Choose PolyFence Pvc Fencing as your Safe Horse Fencing on your property. Ph 0423934964

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